Well, we’re real work horses, you know?

After 6 years devoid of recorded output we present to you amygdala.

It’s the first glimpse at what we’re working on for quite some time now.
The song was recorded at home, in our rehearsal space and the concert room at Art Canrobert in Rastatt.
Although we did every bit of the production in a real DIY fashion, we still want to say thank you to some people: Daniel and Matze for lending their ears and critiquing the mixes as well as Yvonne for enduring Spikes poor and therefore quite lengthy mixing attempts. Also, we’re eternally thankful to be part of Art Canrobert e.V. which gives our noisy ideas a place to dwell for about 10 years by now.

We currently work on some more songs, which will sooner or later be released upon you in some fashion. But for now listen to amygdala until you know the words and then – tomorrow night – join us at P8 inKarlsruhe, where we’ll play with Giver and I Saw Daylight.


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