Hello there!

You might have heard of it by now. If not: Now you have.

We’re playing at the KOMM in Bühl this friday, which will be our first show since 2016.
And even though we hope to play a lot more shows again this year, we can’t say when the next gig will be at this point. So if you want to make shure to catch us live, Bühl is the place to be this friday. We would be super happy to play before as many people as possible after this much too long hiatus.

Also, after us Am Limbus are playing, who we are massively looking forward to seeing live with their trippy visuals and complex production.

If you need another reason: Drinks are cheap and we’d love to have a lot of those with you guys!

For further information check the facebook-event.

Also check out the badass video teaser Spike aka ocvlvs design built for the show:

And last but not least: Thanks to Cynthia of AlternativeFM for hooking us up with some sweet media presence and for presenting the whole event in association with KOMM.

See you guys in Bühl.


Strawberry Corn